Demo Replica

You may deploy a replica of this month's demo with ease, using the readily available RocketLauncher package.

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Download and install the Bundle file if Gantry is not installed, use the Standard Template file if Gantry is already present.

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Logo Editing

An overview for customizing your logo with your organization or company name and logo.

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Metropolis has styled, including responsive, support for the popular third party content / CCK extension by, K2.


Use RokAjaxSearch, a Ajax powered search extension, as a search solution for your site, with local and Google support.


Metropolis has a range of module class suffixes, both stylistic and structural that allow you to individualize a module to create unique layouts & appearances.


A powerful switchblade content extension, that provides an array of display options, all within one single modular framework with an intuitive interface.